JibberJobber: Dress for Failure

“Dress for success” is among my least favorite phrases, so I took particular glee in the fun my friend Jason Alba had today with his article entitled “Dress for Failure“.  My favorite:

“4. Tie your tie so the front, fat part is HIGHER than the back, skinny part. I was taught your tie (the front part) should fall a few fingers below your belt.  Not higher than your belt, and not much lower.  Definitely NOT higher than your belly button.  Bonus, have the front fat part higher than the back skinny part. My seven year old son has to tuck the back part of his tie into his shirt, because the tie is to long for him… but the point is, the back part is supposed to be out-of-sight.”

I’ve worn a tie exactly twice in my HP career, but in the part time job I had in college as a DB administrator for Unisys, I had to wear one every day.  Being a tall guy,  the tie problem I run into is the opposite of this one in that with a standard length tie I run out of skinny part in order to have the front part be long enough.  Believe me, that’s just as bad.


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5 Responses to “JibberJobber: Dress for Failure”

  1. Luis García Says:

    Small world. My dad used to work for Unisys. He still does, through an agency.

    I like a quote from NBC’s The Office (I love that show): “Dress for the job you want, not for the one you’ve got”


  2. Jason Alba Says:

    It was a fun post, thanks for recognizing that :p I am only 6′ tall, but I too have the problem with the length of the tie… usually I don’t have enough of the skinny part to put in that loop thing on the fat part… maybe I should buy my ties somewhere else (like I go tie shopping a lot).

    – jason alba
    CEO – JibberJobber.com

  3. petecj2 Says:

    @Jason – The trick there with the skinny part in the back not being long enough for the loop thing on the back of the fat part is the tie pin. I have a really nice HP one that I use for non-tall ties that I can put in a strategic place to keep the whole thing together. Having a skinny back part flopping around is almost as bad as a too short tie.


  4. Luis García Says:

    Maybe half-Windsor knot could give you a few inches (I don’t really like it)


  5. petecj2 Says:

    @Luis – I only know the one knot and have no idea what it’s called. Clearly, I need a better tie education 8). Then again, funerals, weddings, and 2 days in 15 years at HP, it doesn’t come up a whole lot.


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