Podcast #1: Be Curious – Slawek Zachcial

It’s like Inside the Actor’s Studio, except with techies.

That’s how I describe this podcast idea I’ve had for quite awhile but not the time to actually put it together.  If you don’t get the Bravo channel, you might not be familiar with James Lipton’s claim to fame but the reason I like that show is that it focuses on the craft of acting and how a particular person got there in their life’s journey.  The usual Hollywood interview show is all about who someone’s dating or what designer suit they are wearing and while there is a component of upcoming film promotion on Inside the Actor’s Studio, it’s mostly about the journey someone took to get them where they are.

Why should that be limited to actors and directors?  Thus, my podcast was born.  

Select an engineer I really respect, get them to talk about what their daily life is like, and them ask them how they got there.  Were there things they did as a kid that influenced their decision to work with technology?  What big mistake did they make earlier in their career that led to later greatness?  How do they optimize themselves?

This is what this podcast is about.  Enjoy or pan, as appropriate 8).

My first guest is Slawek Zachcial, who you might remember I presented at a trade show with last year.  Slawek talks about the kinds of things he was interested in as a kid that helped influence his career choice as well as the kinds of behaviors that help him achieve success.



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2 Responses to “Podcast #1: Be Curious – Slawek Zachcial”

  1. JibberJobber Blog » Blog Archive » Announcing: JibberJobber BlogTalkRadio Says:

    […] If you are dying to listen to a career management podcast right now, check out Pete Johnson’s (the Nerd Guru) new podcast here. […]

  2. Luis Carlos García Says:

    Hey Pete,

    Congratulations on your new podcast and I think the intro for it it’s just great!

    I can show off I know Slawek (actually I only helped him out to register for a Web Standards ajax training back in Apr 2007).


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