The Art of Meeting Multitasking

The nice folks over at Web Worker Daily were kind enough to let me share some ideas with their audience on the topic of multitasking during long phone meetings.  It begins:

As an IT teleworker for a large company over the past 10 years, I’ve spent my share of time on conference calls. The other day, in fact, I set a personal record with 11.5 hours of them in a single work day (and I had the sore headphone ear and hoarse voice that came along with that feat). Despite this meeting load, I still had to respond to IM’s, reply to a multitude of emails, prepare slides early in the day for a presentation later on, and a host of other tasks. That begs the question:

How do you effectively multitask in meetings in a way that lets you get work done?

For the rest, head on over to WWD


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