Best and worst job titles

I was watching MSNBC the other day when a guy came on whose job title was “NBC News Presidential Historian”. How cool is that? Then another guy came on who was their “Pop Culturist” I have title envy as I recently went from: 

“ Chief Architect” 


“Marketing and Internet Platform Solutions IT Portals and Applications Chief Architect” 

not because I changed jobs but because of a reorganization. 

So, I asked over at LinkedIn Answers: What’s the best or the worst job title you ever heard?

There were lots of good answers, but by far my favorite comes from Laura Handrick:

Worst title, thank goodness wasn’t mine – but during a PeopleSoft HR conversion, we transferred 82,000 employees and about 20,000 job titles. 

The worst was: De-beaker. 
Yep, that’s the guy who de-beaks the turkey in the poultry plant. 
Happy Thanksgiving!

I gotta say, I’m feeling a lot better about being a vegetarian.  Cool job titles submitted by John Chernin (VP of Fun) and Greg Paulos (Executive Director of the Solar System, someone in charge of of Solar System exploration outside of Low Earth Orbit)

Other worsts came from Regina Alvarado (Bottom Line Coordinator) and a slew of them from Elizabeth Burton:
  • Student Affairs Director (who knew their affairs were scripted?) 
  • Faculty Relations Director (can’t they handle them on their own?)
  • Chemical Storekeeper (for Food Service or the Rec Center or ?) 


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