Quote of the Month: Walt Disney

I’m back from my annual Disneyworld pilgrimage and since January is a month of new beginnings, I thought this often quoted statement from Walt himself was particularly fitting:

“I only hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse.”

Today, of course, The Walt Disney Company is a 35+ billion dollar operation but it started with a huge failure: Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.  The cartoon itself was entertaining, but in 1927 Walt got completely screwed over by Universal on the distribution of it and company lore tells us that on the train ride back to Hollywood after unsuccessful negotiations, Mickey Mouse was born as a replacement.

That begat the first talking cartoon (“Steamboat Willie” although that has been disputed), the first feature length cartoon (“Snow White”), the first theme parky (Disneyland), and a host of other innovations.  Oswald returned to the Disney fold in 2006 when he was traded for Al Michaels, and you know you have a Disney geek like myself on your hands when that’s trivia they know off the top of their heads.

A bad time and a starting over, something a lot of folks can relate to after recent world economic events, sparked a media empire.  Walt never forgot that and didn’t let his people forget either, as this quote reminds us.


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One Response to “Quote of the Month: Walt Disney”

  1. Luis García Says:

    Great post! So related to Top 10 Inspiring videos (haven’t actually watched them all), of which my favorite is Steve Jobs at Stanford …

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