Busted! My boss caught me meeting multi-tasking

“Doh! I got caught,” was the first thought that ran through my head.  Thursday, my boss was running a meeting with her staff of 5 where we were practicing an operational review we were collectively presenting to her boss, our Vice President, the next day.  It’s been a long week of 8 hours straight of meetings and I was falling behind a little bit on some other deliverables.

So, yeah, I stopped paying attention and was working on something else.  Then she said, “Pete, what do you think?”




So you know what I did?  I followed my own advice and plead guilty.

“I’m sorry, you caught me multi-tasking.  Can you repeat the question?”

It was indeed repeated with no tone of anger, I gave my answer and the meeting continued.

Sometimes, doing more than one thing at once is a necessity but, more times than not, admitting your full attention was elsewhere when you get busted for it is the way to go.

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2 Responses to “Busted! My boss caught me meeting multi-tasking”

  1. Pete Broding Says:

    Having witnessed what Pete described, I have to say – it was handled very professionally…and to be honest, it didn’t even register to me that he was “busted”. So definitely, take his advice if you’re ever in the same position!

  2. petecj2 Says:

    Note to self: remember that some of your coworkers also read your blog 8).

    At least one person on the line didn’t think I was being an idiot and handled it OK, so I’ve got that going for me.


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