You want in? Career advice in 6 words

I’ve got a question over at LinkedIn Answers that has a whopping 51 responses and I wanted to give my regular readers a shot at contributing.  The answers will be turned into an article here, but here’s how I framed the question:

In January around the time of the inauguration, the Bush daughters wrote the Obama daughters a letter giving them advice on living in the public eye inside the White House. The most widely quoted part of that letter was pretty touching, “Remember who your dad really is.” 

At about the same time, Newsweek ran a short story about a collection of 6 word memoirs put out by Smith Magazine on the topic of love. 

Given that Jenna and Barbara’s advice happened to be exactly 6 words long, and that I have an interest in mentoring, I thought it would make for an interesting experiment to see what people might come up with on the topic of career advice. 

So, what’s the best career you have, using EXACTLY 6 words? 

Feel free to participate yourself!


2 Responses to “You want in? Career advice in 6 words”

  1. Karl Says:

    Life is not a straight line.

  2. Cindy Says:

    Do what you enjoy, money follows.

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