Career advice in 6 words: The Word Cloud

My other article on “Best career advice using exactly 6 words” was pretty long already, but I thought a different kind of analysis might be interesting and warranted a second piece. I took every response I received from all sources (not just those that made it into the article) and plugged them into Wordle to get a word cloud:

Best Career Advice Using Exactly 6 Words Cloud

“Always”, “Never”, and “Work” were by far the most popular words used in the submissions, leading me to believe that people think there are hard and fast rules you should utilize in your career. “Give”, “Follow”, “Others”, “Love”, and “Learn” appear to be in the second tier of choices. Enjoying what you are doing is implied by “Love” and continuous improvement seems to be a fair assessment of “Learn” but the other three are a little harder to make a case for given how differently each can be used.

Other thoughts?


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