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Marketing for Nerds: Brand Social Strategy

May 14, 2009

Which exchange would you rather have:

Marketing person: “Can you set up a company blog for us?”

You, software person: “Sure.”


Marketing person: “Can you set up a company blog for us?”

You, software person “I’ll do whatever you guys want, but are you sure you really want that?  There’s a Forrester report out there that says blogs are the least trusted form of communication between a company and its customers unless it’s written a certain way.”

The second one, if delivered in a deferential way so as to not setp on the toes of the marketing person, will show that you’ve been keeping up on trends and get you extra respect when the time comes to have your performance evaluation.  With that in mind, I’m going to try a new category of posts geared towards marketing trends you should be aware of.

This first one examines a post over at Groundswell on brand social strategy.


Tapping an old network

October 13, 2008

What are the odds? This summer, I ran into an old girlfriend when my 6 year old daughter and her 7 year old son happened to be placed in the same swimming class put on by the parks and rec department.  When you move back to your home town, weird things happen.

That encounter led to much old yearbook browsing, during which my wife noticed that I had a ton of signatures in mine.  40 or 50, easy.  “How on earth did you know all these people?”, she asked.