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Book Report: Outliers

May 12, 2009

Malcolm Gladwell has called his latest book, Outliers: The Story of Success, an apology for his own success.  While that’s accurate, it also sells the ideas in Outliers short.  Really, it is about how big a role chance opportunity plays in being successful.  It’s actually a little scary when you think about it, but ultimately it makes some pretty compelling arguments that often minor changes in approach can have huge impacts on outcome.

My favorite stories from the book, which is just as good if not better than The Tipping Point:


Tapping an old network

October 13, 2008

What are the odds? This summer, I ran into an old girlfriend when my 6 year old daughter and her 7 year old son happened to be placed in the same swimming class put on by the parks and rec department.  When you move back to your home town, weird things happen.

That encounter led to much old yearbook browsing, during which my wife noticed that I had a ton of signatures in mine.  40 or 50, easy.  “How on earth did you know all these people?”, she asked.