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Why I left HP after 19 years to join ProfitBricks

February 12, 2013

Profit Bricks - The Iaas Company

It’s a big day for me today: I left HP after 19 years to join a cool startup called ProfitBricks.

Needless to say, I didn’t take this decision lightly.  I had a great career at HP and learned valuable lessons from a set of mentors I can never repay over the years.  I left with a smile on my face and still have great respect for the place.

But the technology that ProfitBricks offers is just awesome and I genuinely believe it is the first true Cloud Computing 2.0 offering.

The biggest enabler that allows me to say that is InfiniBand, the network technology born in the supercomputing community that provides 80 Gbit/sec speeds.  Not only is that great for your cloud networking, but it is so fast it allows ProfitBricks to move VMs to different physical machines without the VMs ever knowing.  That means ProfitBricks can reshuffle the currently active VMs to take best advantage of the physical hardware underneath, but it also means that customers can create custom VMs (no more cookie cutter sizes the cloud provider chooses for you) and, amazingly, the ability to add CPU and RAM to a running VM without having to reboot it.

I’m very excited to be the new Platform Evangelist at ProfitBricks and look forward to being very active in social media (including a relaunch of this blog), presenting at trade shows, and visiting developer meet ups all in the name of spreading the word about this incredible technology.

You can find out more at my first official blog post for ProfitBricks.